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Our Projects have ranged from Hydrocarbon Processes, Power Generation, Chemical process, Water desalination, Industrial, Engineering, Electrical & Instrumentation, Fibre Optic and Safety and Security Sytems, Procurement, Project Management, Construction, Civil, Mechanical, Plant Maintenance Services and many other disciplines in various industries. We have exceuted major Projects in various Industries throughout the Caribbean  and internationally in countries such as




St Vincent & Grenadines.



Dominican Republic 



Our full range of technical attributes includes design, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up.

We are committed to provide a quality and reliable service to all our clients, and to continue to build a working relationship with local and international companies. We are a customer driven company that strives to be a partner and an extension of our client.

We recognize our people as our greatest asset and are proud of our achievements and excellent safety record. 

Our Projects are geared towards customer and client satisfaction.

Some of the Projects we have completed Includes: 

- CGCL/ DME Plant Mitsubitishi Heavy Industry (MHI)

- Galeota Expansion Project (Bechtel)

- Powergen Maintenance Projects 

- PPGPL Phase 3 Upgrade (Black and Veatch)

- PPGPL Product Trading Project 

- PPGPL Phase 2 Upgrade (CBI) 

- PPGPL Spheres Project 

- PPGPL Maintenance Projects 

- Petrotrin Miscanellous Projects 

- Atlantic LNG Train 1 Upgrade (Bechtel) 

- Atlantic LNG The Bottle Neck Projects 

- Atlantic LNG Train  2, 3 and 4 Project

- Isomorisation Project Petrotrin - FLUOR Daniel South America Limited 

- Alky Acid Plant Petrotrin (Technint Engineering)

- NHT CCR Project Petrotrin (Samsung Engineering) 

- Petrotrin GOP Project (CBI)

- Dodds Prisions - BARBADOS 

- Oil Terminal - BARBADOS

- JANES Harbour Project - BARBADOS 

- Sandy Lane Yacht Club Resort (SLYCR) - ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES (MEP Project)

- Petrotrin Refinery Alarm System 

- Petrotrin Lab Project 

- Liquid Fuels Pipeline Project  (LFPP) - Tank Facilities - Petrotrin 

- Liquid Fuels Pipeline Project (LFPP) - Fibre Optics ( Piarco Airport) - NGC 

- Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) 720 MW Project La Brea- (Man Ferrostaal)  

- Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) Upgrade Petrotrin 

- EOG Kiskadee Project OFFSHORE 

- Karbanoff Project - RUSSIA 

- Decastri Project - RUSSIA 

- BHP Onshore Facilities Upgrade Project 

- Farmland/ Mis Chem Ammonia Plant -Kellog Pan American Project


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